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Case Studies + Client Testimonials

Employment Plus is different from other staffing firms – we have a proven, 6 Step Plus Process™ that has helped businesses across the nation improve their temporary workforce, mitigate the stresses and strains related to human resources and back office support, and improve operational efficiencies. By providing an unmatched solution that is customized to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, we are able to improve the return on investment, increase company morale and deliver results that will knock your socks off.

Our company has a 98% client retention rate for a reason – we deliver on our promises.

J Rettenmaier USA LP | Kalamazoo, MI


J Rettenmaier USA LP (JRS USA), a leading manufacturer and supplier of insoluble dietary fibers and other fiber types, was looking to utilize a staffing partner that could provide quality temporary employees and excellent service.

Our turnover was very high, we weren’t getting quality people, orders weren’t filled on time and the agency wasn’t following required procedures,” said James Commissaris, Production Manager at JRS USA.


JRS USA put their business out to bid and ultimately chose Employment Plus as their primary supplier.

“The service that Employment Plus could provide through the Plus Process was different than other staffing providers. We knew this could help us solve the issues we were facing,” said Commissaris.


Employment Plus and JRS USA began their partnership in April 2009. Upon establishing a solid relationship and understanding the requirements of the positions to be staffed and the company’s unique differentiators, Employment Plus immediately began implementing the 6 Step Plus Process™.

“The Plus Process has helped us a lot,” said Commissaris. “Turnover was much higher and we had less people on our temporary workforce. The turnover we have now isn’t what I would consider real turnover, as our company and shifts are so unique.”

“Every two or three weeks we bring in new people to work on new products that we receive,” continued Commissaris. “The real turnover that we see now is 2-3% per week, if even that. Before Employment Plus, our turnover was between 10-15% per week.

Employment Plus customized the Plus Process to ensure that the people who were hired to work at JRS USA understood the requirements and had the experience necessary to perform well and stay on-the-job.

“The Plus Process is very helpful because sometimes we need zero temporary employees and sometimes we need 20 within less than a day’s notice and Employment Plus is always able to have available staff within the time period requested.”

Employment Plus has the ability to completely tailor pre-screening and hiring tools to fit the needs and requirements for every client. The resulting applicant profile enables our staffing teams to make an accurate assessment of a candidate’s potential fit.

“The quality of people we receive via the Success Probability Matrix makes life much easier; it means we spend less time training because our workforce knows what it’s doing and has the required experience. By having quality people on staff, we now have more time to focus on other important areas of our operation.”

“There’s no need for me to look for another agency. I have a great partnership and I see it lasting for a long time,” said Commissaris.

Madison Precision Products | Madison, IN


Madison Precision Products (MPP), a manufacturer of aluminum engine and transmission parts for the automotive OEM market, was looking to partner with a staffing firm that could provide the kind of partnership needed to completely understand its company and the quality of employees needed to perform the job at hand.


After meeting with other agencies and evaluating the many options that were available, MPP chose to partner with Employment Plus. On January 11, 2011 MPP and Employment Plus officially became business partners.

“We chose to go with Employment Plus, not only because of the relationship we had cultivated with their company during the selection process but also for the customer service and the value that we saw the Plus Process could bring to our company,” said Steve Massey, Human Resources Manager at MPP.


Immediately upon beginning their partnership in January 2011, Employment Plus customized and implemented the 6 Step Plus Process™ to best meet the needs of MPP. Some solutions customized through the Plus Process included:

  • Recruiting: By employing hybrid multi-mode technologies and utilizing its corporate Search and Support Team that recruits seven days-a-week and after hours, Employment Plus was able to build an applicant pool with qualified applicants. As a result, Employment Plus was able to fill positions as needed, even within 24 hours’ notice, for MPP.
  • Screening: Using the Success Probability Matrix™, Employment Plus was able to screen and hire qualified candidates for MPP. In 2012, Employment Plus’ average weekly turnover was 5.3% – down from 10% where MPP had been with their previous provider. To date, turnover at MPP is trending at only 3.4% a week.
  • Onsite Supervision: Prior to Employment Plus, the onsite representation at MPP was inadequate for the service required. To ensure optimal productivity and a safe working environment, Employment Plus implemented its Partner on Premise™ program. MPP now utilizes an onsite partner (POP) who manages and achieves excellent attendance and performance onsite. The POP also conducts monthly ABC Performance Ratings of temporary associates with MPP supervisors. As a result, MPP’s injuries are the lowest they’ve seen with a staffing provider, in fact, according to Massey, in 2012 they were cut in half. Additionally, over 99% of the workforce meets or exceeds expectations.

“The Plus Process absolutely provides value to our workforce. With the Plus Process and local team available to assist, Employment Plus is able to be very agile and flexible to meet our needs, even during ramp-ups and slow periods where we may need anywhere from one to 100 associates,” said Massey.

“Employment Plus does a great job of informing our temporary associates of their expectations onsite at MPP and ensuring they are following the safety guidelines,” said Massey. “As a result, injuries are very low; in fact, they’re half of what they used to be. I would absolutely recommend Employment Plus to other companies looking to use staffing.”

Ryder System, Inc. | National


Ryder System, Inc., a leading provider of commercial transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions was looking to partner with a temporary staffing firm to supplement its hiring needs.

“We struggled quite a bit with hiring dedicated drivers internally,” said Jason Kirk, Group Logistics Manager at Ryder. “Typically we would have to call another company to help expedite the process.”


In 2011, Ryder was referred to Employment Plus by a client in the automotive industry. Upon discovering the impressive results suggested by this reference, Ryder contacted Employment Plus. Shortly thereafter, Employment Plus met with Ryder and presented the exclusive Plus Process and its specialized division, EP Transportation. “The Plus Process showed commitment to the customer and the type of quality that could be provided to our workforce,” said Kirk.

In April 2011, EP Transportation and Ryder began their partnership and transitioned dedicated “lease” drivers to EP Transportation. “What we do with EP is different, unique. It’s a blend between a temporary and a full-time dedicated driver,” said Kirk.

EP Transportation staffs Ryder’s domiciles located throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, and Ohio.


“The transition was very good. The EP team did a fantastic job locating candidates and getting them Ryder-qualified,” said Kirk. The EP Transportation team utilized hybrid recruiting tactics, implemented during Step 1 of Employment Plus’ exclusive and proven 6 Step Plus Process™ to find and engage qualified applicants for Ryder’s domiciles.

By using tactics such as the multi-mode mass messaging system and Employment Plus’ corporate Search and Support Team, EP Transportation was able to target and connect with thousands of job seekers in and around Ryder’s markets.

Additionally, EP Transportation utilized Employment Plus’ Success Probability Matrix™ (SPM) to identify and hire best-matched candidates for Ryder’s positions. “Ryder is very strict on requirements for dedicated lease drivers,” said Kirk. When asked how Kirk would rate the quality of his drivers, he said “It gets better all the time. I would say, on average, our dedicated lease drivers are an A-.” This means that the drivers supplied to Ryder meet or exceed the company’s expectations. “In fact, we’re using EP Transportation to replace drivers from other lease companies,” said Kirk.

The SPM is successful because it combines behavioral interviews, background checks, compatibility profiling, and skills assessments to discover applicants who have the highest probability for a successful match.

“From a driver standpoint, the turnover is much less than traditional staffing companies,” said Kirk. “The drivers are prescreened by EP Transportation and then sent to Ryder for a face-to-face interview for final approval.”

By partnering with Ryder and customizing the Plus Process to meet requirements, EP Transportation was able to greatly improve Ryder’s fill time for hiring qualified employees. “EP Transportation fills orders 66% faster than what we were able to do prior to utilizing EP,” said Kirk. “The fill time is also much faster than their competitors. When we have a need for drivers, our needs are met with prompt attention from the EP staff. They work hard to provide us with safe, courteous and professional drivers.”

EP Transportation places approximately 180 dedicated lease drivers for Ryder’s domiciles and provides full time benefits. By offering benefits, EP Transportation is able to increase motivation and retention among its drivers.

“They are the difference maker and they truly make us feel like a valued customer,” said Kirk.

SONY DADC | Terre Haute, IN


After receiving his promotion as Director of Organization Performance & Talent Management, former SONY employee, Keith Moenter realized that SONY’s current staffing partnership was not in a good place. The company was having issues with their current staffing providers; the most obvious of issues being the lack of on-boarding for associates. Moenter decided to contact a few staffing companies to look for better options. He was very impressed with Employment Plus’ presentation; he described it as being full of “nuts and bolts.”

One of the things that stood out to Moenter during the presentation was Employment Plus’ proven ability to produce results for their clients which explains their remarkable client retention rate of over 97%. After much consideration, EP was given the opportunity at SONY DADC based on their impressive results combined with the attention to detail in the presentation that directly addressed all of the issues that SONY DADC was experiencing.


According to Keith Moenter, the transition process went very smoothly with meetings being conducted to discuss expectations, which included both the EP team and the SONY team as well as the accounting departments.

“The Employment Plus team showed respect for the SONY team and more importantly, respect for the associates. Employment Plus is very forward-thinking with regard to how they treat their associates. This is definitely what sets them apart from their competitors.”

Employment Plus allocated the resources needed to ensure a smooth transition as well as customized the implementation plan to meet the specific needs of SONY DADC; one specific need being new technology for timekeeping. Employment Plus supplied an electronic time clock system which allowed SONY to move forward from manual record keeping and provide them with extensive reports. These reports enabled the company to more easily track the attendance and overtime of their temporary employees. Employment Plus also implemented an aggressive ongoing recruiting plan that allowed SONY to achieve the volume needed to meet the company’s needs during the busy seasons (over 1000 temporary associates from Employment Plus).